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  • Charlotte A . Coots (7 months)

    I am interested in volunteering to help out in any way needed. I have a degree in Visual & Performance Art and I also am a licensed/certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. I can help any teacher–even the smallest task–like copying papers, filing, etc. I love to work with kids and like to be involved with the school my child is attending. I will most likely be available two times per month or for special activities.

    • e04152 (7 months)

      Hi Charlotte,

      Thank you for your enthusiasm to help out at KMS. We love our school and have lots of opportunities for you to be involved with the activities here. It is a requirement that you be approved through the district as a volunteer. Please go to the KPBSD website or better yet, I think there is a link on the volunteer tab on our website that will direct you to the application process. When your application is approved I will be able to see you on our volunteer list. Sometimes we make calls and request your help and sometimes we just post that we are looking for volunteers. I will spread the word to our music and drama departments especially to make them aware of your talents. Thank you again.


      Heather Vest

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