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Dress Code





    why do girls not have the right to bare arms.

    • e04152 (5 months)

      Excellent question. Thanks for asking. Our dress code is not gender specific. Your shirt must have a form of a sleeve. I hope this helps. Please stop by the school or call with further questions.

      Vaughn Dosko Principal KMS

  • ... (5 months)

    Are you allowed to have sanitizer? The rules say you can’t have a bottle of perfume.

    • e04152 (4 months)

      Thanks for asking. Yes, you can sanitizer in your locker. The staff often uses it.

  • Yee Haw (3 months)

    are heelys allowed to be worn to school?

    • e04152 (2 months)

      Hi, If Heely’s are the tennis shoes with wheels, they are
      not allowed in school. thanks for checking!

  • Laurie Vanbuskirk (3 months)

    From what I’ve been told, the boys’ gym shirts ARE sleeveless. The girls have to wear a t-shirt.

  • broski. (1 month)

    why is it that i cant wear certain clothing because some 11, 12 ,13 year old is sexualizing my body?

    • e04152 (4 weeks)

      If you are having concerns about the dress code, please call or stop by the office so that your concerns may be addressed.

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