Dress Code

Dress Code




  • Bev (5 months)

    Hi, I’m new to KMS and I was wondering when new 6th graders can come decorate their lockers?

    • Megan Smith (5 months)

      All incoming 6th graders are encouraged to attend our WAK event. Students will receive their lockers and schedules at that time.
      WAK – Welcoming All Kids: Friday, August 17th from 8:30am-12:00pm. Come visit KMS and have a fun morning of games and KMS orientation lead by our 8th grade leadership class!

  • Just Wondering (2 months)

    Hello. I just wanted to know…. Are students allowed to wear shirts with cutout shoulders?

    • Megan Smith (2 months)

      Hello. Our dress code requirements are the shirts must have sleeves.

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